In the Media

Dr. Landau has appeared on numerous television and radio shows, including NBC’s “Today,” Public Radio International’s “Marketplace,” National Public Radio (NPR), the BBC and many nationally syndicated and major market programs. She frequently serves on expert panels on student mental health, depression, anxiety and women’s health for national publications and health websites. Her videos on dieting are now being distributed by ContentMedia Health.

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Below is a sampling of Dr. Landau’s contributions to various media outlets:

  • Healthline – What Your Social Media Posts Say About Your Stress Level Right Now
    Carol Landau, PhD, professor of psychiatry at Brown University and author of “Mood Prep 101: A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Depression and Anxiety in College-Bound Teens,” said rates of depression and anxiety have been rising in teens since before the pandemic. While young adults have maintained some life structure while working from home, Landau says teens have been isolated from their friends, which is a major motivator for going to school. “Teens often turn to substances; it may not be a lack of ‘self-awareness’ so much as a lack of access to care,” Landau told Healthline… Landau agreed that the pandemic has revealed barriers to mental healthcare. She said it’s also shown that unemployment and poverty are barriers to getting help. Isolation is one factor that makes intimate partner violence [IPV] worse, so this type of severe isolation may make it much, much worse for victims to get help. And more children are being exposed to IPV as they are home with their families.”

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