Lectures, Seminars & Workshops

Dr. Landau gives presentation in a variety of formats for professional and general audiences. Dr. Landau has worked with Burson-Marsteller, Ketchum, Chrysler, Wyeth and numerous academic and healthcare audiences.

For General Audiences:

Depression in College Students

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Brown University Keynote address at First Mental Health Awareness Day and Panel Presentation

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“Students heard Dr. Carol Landau discuss how depression affects different genders in her lecture. Women tend to brood over their problems whereas men are better at distraction. Both styles have advantages and disadvantages.”
Nine Mood Mistakes and How to Reclaim Your Emotional Well-Being. Based on Are you Falling Into a Depression Trap?, iVillage.com.

How to Manage Emotional Eating and Develop a Healthy Lifestyle. Popular topic based on iVillage and Family Circle articles.

Social Support: The Healing Connection

“Just talking to someone about your problems, whether it’s a friend, family member, or clergy, can be helpful,” Landau explains. “Community involvement and connecting with other women used to buffer women from depression in the past.” – US News & World Reports

For Healthcare Professionals:

Managing Stress, Managing Your Life During Residency Training