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Mood Prep 101: A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Depression and Anxiety in College-Bound Students

by Carol Landau, PhD
Oxford University Press

Now available for pre-order from Amazon and Oxford University Press.

Reviews for Mood Prep 101:

“Dr. Landau has seamlessly woven together basic psychodynamic knowledge regarding teen development, modern psychological research, traditional and modern approaches to therapy, extensive clinical wisdom and guidance, much practical advice to parents and extensive resources-all in a very clear and accessible fashion. This volume will be a great resource for parents for years to come.”

– Victor Schwartz, MD, DLFAPA, CMO, The Jed Foundation and Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, NYU School of Medicine

“Mood Prep 101 is a must read for every parent or professional who cares about and works with high school and college aged teens. Dr. Landau provides a 21st century perspective of adolescent development based on sound, evidence -based research and clinical experience. The social realities faced by adolescents and young adults today must be understood by all who care about them. Dr. Landau not only understands that, but offers clear and powerful perspectives and tools to help and guide this population. Presenting a deep-dive into the successful approach of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dr. Landau provides parents and counselors with tools to intervene and help. What I found most compelling about this book was the focus on the emotional and social challenges of college life. Dr. Landau’s compassion and care is evident as she addresses her students’ issues, and that approach inspires and validates all of us who are guiding high school and college students.”

— Claire Cafaro, Independent Education Consultant, Clear Directions, HoHoKus,

Dr. Landau on the Perri Peltz Show

Dr. Landau was as a guest on the August 21st edition of the Perri Peltz Show on SIRIUS XM Radio, discussing the social and emotional well-being of students:

“Sometime students can experience difficulty as they pull away from their parents or begin to see them from an adult perspective. They face numerous academic, social and psychological challenges. Self-regulation problems such as sleep disruption, self-medication with comfort food or alcohol and a lack of exercise also can have a cumulative negative lifestyle effect on college students. Some students do well, but others, especially those who are predisposed to depression or anxiety, might find that those self-regulation issues can lead to significant problems.”